Blake Henke

Chief Technology Officer/Co-Founder 

Fuel Capital Group

–CTO/Co-Founder of Fuel Capital Group – Blake grew up in Minnesota and went on to study International Business and Entrepreneurship at Drake University’s College of Business in Des Moines, IA. Blake began his career in financial analytics, but then moved into business intelligence/predictive analytics in the digital advertising and retargeting space. Blake then joined Chrome Capital in 2015 and helped to develop their technological and analytical capabilities, he remained there until late 2016 when Chrome closed its doors. From there he began doing analytics and data consulting for Fortune 500 companies, while building Fuel Capital with his business partners. Blake and his partners were able to secure funding for Fuel Capital in early 2018, and were able to launch their lease program & software platform in July of 2018. Since the launch of Fuel Capital’s lease program, Blake has been managing Fuel’s technology and software projects while helping to refine the company’s systems and overall strategy.

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